What is a Pocketpark? SFP is Proud to Be a Part of This Beauty

July 6th, 2022

DUC Park, the first St. Louis Pocketpark, located on the corner of 10th and Locust received a welcomed facelift last week thanks to SFP Landscaping and our partnership with The Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District. Our skillful crews spent the day removing trash and weeds, then spade edged by hand and installed new hardwood bark mulch to enhance its’ beauty to be enjoyed by all Downtown visitors and residents.

Pocketparks is a non-profit organization that reimagines and redevelops unused plots of land to provide communities with active and beautiful recreational areas. Through community engagement, each park is designed to meet the specific needs of the neighborhood in which it is located. Every park incorporates three things: activity, artwork, and opportunity. Pocketparks are small but make a significant impact. By focusing on small outdoor parks, they quickly provide positive impact without extensive resources. Pocketparks not only offers beautiful recreational areas, but works to increase safety, boost community pride, and contribute to economic development.

Established in St. Louis in 2021, Pocketparks is working to activate local communities and plans to grow into a network of parks that sprawl across the city and eventually expand to other cities and states. As a non-profit organization, Pocketparks relies on donations to support its efforts. SFP is proud to do our part in helping their success.