Spring is HERE!!!!!

March 31st, 2020

There are plenty of things to be concerned about right now, especially the unique coronavirus that has spread across our great country.  Kids are out of school.  There are no sporting events.  Churches are closed temporarily.  Movies and restaurants are closed.  Many of our favorite stores are closed.  Fortunately, there are many things that help take our minds off of this pandemic – people are uniting and visiting through Zoom. Many people continue to attend their church services via Facebook, funny cartoons are being passed around on social media and there is no shortage of YouTube videos.  What else is happening?

SPRING IS HERE.  What a beautiful weekend around St. Louis.  The Forsythia bushes are in bright golden color, redbud trees are blooming, pears and serviceberry trees are in color, and many other plants are pushing out their new foliage.  SFP has been working hard all winter providing landscape cleanups to our many customers, trimming, leaf removals and much more.  Here are a few pictures at Mercy South Hospital showing the neatly edged beds, manicured shrubs, tulip bulbs pushing up, and beds mulched.  We, of course, think that our customers’ properties are among the most beautiful in town.  So, enjoy these pretty Spring days, stay healthy and please follow all government guidelines.