Vegetation Management-Not Just Lawns and Landscape Beds

November 13th, 2018

SFP Landscaping, Inc. is now actively engaged in the Vegetation Management business.  We have, of course, been involved in vegetation management in lawns and landscaped beds for many years.  SFP has quite a number of employees who possess their Missouri Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicator’s License.

In our new line of work, we are providing complete vegetation management for cell tower sites, utility substations, parking lots, and many other sites that need to remain weed-free.  This year we have sprayed and cleared almost 2,000 sites of vines, saplings, grasses and weeds.  Safety is a high priority in this work and we follow strict safety protocols.  Our applicators are very knowledgeable with the herbicides required and they do a wonderful job of killing only the plants that need to be controlled.

SFP provides these services in the Saint Louis metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest.  If your business has a requirement for vegetation management, we would like to sit down with you to see how we might be able to help you.  Please give us a call.

The following photos are all taken from the same site. We cut a path to allow techs to easily access them for inspection and repairs.This is in addition to the spraying that we do in order to keep some of the vegetation under control. A site like this one hasn’t been touched in several years in order to get to this point. The first 2 photos are before we provided any service. The last 2 photos are after spraying and cutting had been completed.