The Surprise Planting

September 4th, 2018

Anyone who knows me will tell you that the statement “my vocation and my avocation” are one in the same.  That being said, there are projects that truly resonant in my heart as affirmation of WHY I do what I do, making me thankful that I have a career that I LOVE and confirm that we have wonderful clients.  In short, the video you’re about to watch is the “why” of “why I do what I do.”

In the midst of a seasonal residential clean-up, I was asked to come to the front yard to assess a tree by the husband of a (frequent) repeat client.  I knew the tree was in great health, thus my curiosity meter was bouncing.  “I have a special request that I really hope you can help me with” lead to the design and installation of two new garden beds showcasing statues depicting the axis upon which the wife’s world revolves:  family, dogs and gardening.  From start to finish, this project has been a labor predicated in a deep and abiding love between spouses.  And, best of all, the entire project was a SURPRISE for the wife!

We appreciate the opportunity to make a “hopeful special request” into reality.  Just hope the husband videoed the reveal moment as they returned home from vacation.  As the phrase goes, some moments are simply priceless!

Please enjoy the video below of this special surprise planting from start to finish.