The Surprise Trick Shot

July 13th, 2018




The world’s #1 golfer – Justin Thomas – paid a visit to the Anheuser Busch Brewery on June 4th and we had quite a surprise waiting for him.  Upon his arrival, he was introduced to a Clydesdale and given a good luck horseshoe. Then, he was challenged to complete a surprise trick shot set up by none other than SFP Landscaping.


Teeing off on the artificial turf tee box we made for him in the Old Schoolhouse front yard, shooting through a crowd, over Pestalozzi Avenue, over a 10’ tall fence and onto a 15’ artificial turf putting green surrounded by sand traps we installed that he couldn’t see, Justin dropped both attempts onto the green.


It was a lot of fun for us and proof as to why he’s the #1 golfer in the world and why we’ll stick to landscaping.