Making Downtown St. Louis Beautiful

September 8th, 2017

SFP is proud to have a new landscape maintenance project this year with Downtown St. Louis, Inc. to install plants in hundreds of sidewalk planters and hanging baskets throughout the Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District.  We are showing photos of our baskets and planters here.  The hanging baskets include beautiful petunias, lantana, colorful Swedish ivy, sun parasol mandevillas, and bushy sweet potato vines.  The planters include  two special sweet potato vine varieties, Kong coleus, angelonia, lantana, colocasia, begonias, purple secrecea, and new guinea hybrid impatiens.  We work closely with arborist Kelly Yeager of Downtown Saint Louis, Inc. who is in charge of this project – she does a great job.  Our baskets and planters look great because of the careful planning  and execution with SFP and Kelly – plants don’t automatically look this nice – they require TLC and knowledgeable workers.  When you drive around downtown, every one of our planters and hanging baskets look like these photos – unfortunately, there are  a few baskets on Tucker Avenue that we do not take care of – you will be able to tell the difference.  We’re very happy that Kelly and Downtown St. Louis, Inc. are working hard to make downtown a nicer place to live and work.  We thank them for our opportunity to help.  Hard work, good planning, and skilled managers and field workers really make the difference.