Ballpark Village-A Real Showplace for St. Louis

August 24th, 2017

The landscaping at St. Louis Ballpark Village continues to look amazing.  They are on their way to over 5,000,000 visitors this year – an amazing number, which makes it a challenging place to keep looking nice.  5 million people is a lot of hands and feet marching inside and outside of the facility.  This week The Cordish Company had regional managers from across the country in town for meetings and training.  The feedback on our landscaping was very gratifying as a number of attendees commented on the high quality of the landscaping.  That’s great – and it’s our job – we promise to keep Ballpark Village a real showplace for St. Louis.  We appreciate the nice compliments from Cordish, and we are proud of the great services we provide to them.  Please – go to Ballpark Village and enjoy the experience – it’s a great place.