Grand Opening!

November 7th, 2019

Ballpark Village has been a valued customer of ours for many years now.  We really enjoy working for them because they are professional, demanding, and focused on customer service – all things that we strive to be also.

Their downtown property is not just the site of one major new development – but two!  On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, they staged a grand opening of the new west side development, as they welcomed in PwC, the international accounting firm.  SFP is proud to have come in at the last minute to provide the finishing touches to the landscaping.  We added colorful mums and pansies to giant planters and planting beds, and we installed potted foliage plants in the lobby.  Our staff found the right flowers almost 300 miles from St. Louis, so we drove to pick them up on Monday so we could install them on Tuesday.  Just another day in the life of SFP.  It added an extra touch of elegance to their beautiful new building.  Thanks to Ballpark Village for the continued confidence in SFP – you are a great partner.