Making the Most

November 28th, 2017

In our daily routines we pass by sites and never notice them.  They may just be the same old empty lot or parking lot.  You know the ones- broken asphalt, gravel and concrete – weeds growing up- maybe a bag of trash or two- even a discarded piece of furniture.  Then you drive by and notice something happening, something going on to improve the site- to actually make the site look like it belongs in the neighborhood.  Well, let me introduce you to the corner of Bonhome and Hanley Road- downtown Clayton, Missouri.  This little triangular wedge has set empty and unimproved for a very long time.  Not really big enough to accommodate a building – solution?  A pocket park with increased tenant parking for the adjoining office space- a natural win-win.  The Triangle Park was created by local St Louis Landscape Architect Carolyn Gaidis.  The site is owned by Scott Properties and Nick Joggerest is the mastermind behind doing something more with the very limited space.  SFP Landscaping was hired for the finishing touches, which included the landscape and hardscape improvements.  SO next time you swing through downtown Clayton, you will notice something different – and then one might utter- Fantastic!