Cheering Up Visitors to SSM Cardinal Glennon

July 13th, 2017

There is a lot of stress associated with visiting a hospital.  You are either a patient, a family member of a patient or loved one, or a guest visiting a doctor, nurse or administrator.  As the landscape maintenance contractor for SSM Cardinal Glennon, we always are mindful of how the landscaping could influence how people feel as they visit the hospital.  We take a lot of pride in keeping the grounds attractive and beautiful.  Does this sounds easy?  Well, there are some challenges, like helicopters landing and taking off, tons of traffic, and lots of patients and families coming and going.  And, at a children’s hospital,  gum is a real battle.

Here are some pictures we took the other day at Cardinal Glennon.  While we were taking the pictures, a lady stopped us and asked if we were the landscapers.  When we said that ‘yes, we were’, she said ‘I come here regularly and I wanted you to know how uplifting your flowers are for me.  I feel better just walking into the hospital.’  Thanks to this nice lady for expressing herself and how the beautiful landscaping makes her day nicer.  And, an even bigger thanks goes to SSM for allowing us to be a part of how they look.