Handling Stormwater

September 23rd, 2016

If nothing else, 2016 will be remembered for our many heavy rain storms.  It seemed like, from the beginning of the year (actually starting on December 26, 2015), we experienced storm after storm, several of which caused local flooding.  One of our customers recently has expanded their parking lot which greatly expanded the amount of rain water that gets concentrated coming off of that lot.  The heavy rains were overloading the stormwater basin, causing erosion, standing water and an unsightly appearance.  We consulted with our client and offered to design a stormwater swale that would slow the rain water down and channel it through a beautiful stone ‘stairway’ into the basin.  The design would slow the runoff down, allowing silt and particulates to be captured prior to entering the basin.  Natural boulders would assist in this effort and they are a beautiful addition to the swale.  Native plants along the swale will help absorb water and pollutants, capturing the silt before it reaches the basin.  Finally, the attractive natural stone ‘steps’ allows the water to flow into the basin without eroding the banks.  The last piece of the puzzle was to remove the silt buildup from the basin to allow it to drain properly.

SFP Landscaping, Inc. is very proud of the results, which can be seen here in these pictures.  A problem that started out as an unmanageable mess is now an attractive feature in the landscape.  It is right in front of their headquarters building and provides a beautiful appearance.  And, IT WORKS!

If you are having stormwater problems, give us a call – we can help.

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