Have Customer, Will Travel

August 23rd, 2016


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At SFP Landscaping, Inc. we love our customers.  Whenever questions arise, we ask ourselves ‘who is most important in this conversation?’  The answer is always ‘our customer’.  We have been honored to have The Cordish Companies as a valued customer since they first opened Ballpark Village in downtown Saint Louis.  They are a great company and we would do anything for them.  And that includes going out of town to provide services to them.

The Cordish Companies also own and operate Kansas City Power and Light District, a vibrant 8-block entertainment neighborhood in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  They have just opened a new high rise residential building and are preparing for promotional pictures.  SFP was asked to arrange for a large quantity of seasonal flowers, perennials and ornamental shrubs to be delivered and installed at their site.  Since it is located in downtown Kansas City, all of the plantings were going into planters.  So, we procured the plants, packed up and headed for Kansas City.  Over the course of 6 days, we cleaned and planted our hearts out – and, in the end, the results were just beautiful.  We send a big thank you to The Cordish Companies for allowing us to be a part of their efforts and we congratulate them on their expansion in Kansas City.

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